Stella Tournament 2016

Another memorable tournament was held on Saturday 18th June.

The Gods were favourable and we had a dry day, we even had a little sunshine. Even though the temperatures were not up to previous years levels, the amount of Stella consumed (lager and Cidre) wasn't down too much.

After scrambling around a little bit we had 16 competitors so split ourselves in to two groups. The seedings also worked well so the random draw threw up very similar standards of pairings. We also managed to split up our invited guests.

The quality of tennis was high throughout the day, especially helped by the amount consumed by most of us. However, despite a spirited fight put up by Shep (Kevin Shepherd) and Derds (Martin Thackray), the tournament was finally won by Kira (Reuter) and Dean (Neaves).

Photos of the day can be found in the Gallery.