Fast 4 Singles

FAST 4 Tennis Singles Leagues

The Fast 4 singles tennis leagues have been set up to encourage players of all levels to take part in friendly competition and to play more tennis

Fast 4 Tennis Rules

  • Matches are played as best of 3 sets, with third set a match tie break to 10.
  • Sets are first to 4 games
  • Sudden death deuce (receiver chooses which side to receive the serve)
  • Set tie break at 3 games all is played to 5 points with sudden death at 4-4
  • Match tie break is played to 10 with sudden death at 9-9.
  • No Let on serve - if the serve touches the net and lands in the point is continued (i.e. play on - No Let!!)

League Rules

  • Please write you match scores in the boxes provided e.g. 2-4, 4-1, 10-7
  • One point will be awarded per win
  • The player with the most points in the league will be promoted
  • The player with the least points will be relegated
  • Where players have the same points then the player with the most sets will be placed higher
  • Where players have the same points and sets then the result between the players will determine who is placed higher
  • A player who retires during a match will lose the match though sets completed will still be counted
  • A player who defaults a match before the start will lose 4-0 4-0
  • Each League will run for 4 weeks
  • New players will be added to the leagues at approximately the correct level, minus one division
  • There will be occasions where promotion and relegation is altered due to players joining or leaving the leagues

Please note: The committee have players in starting divisions as fairly as possible to ensure competitive and friendly matches

Please contact the League Committee for any queries or suggested improvements:

Vernon Reuter
Chris Young
Howie Pether
Liz Miller

League One
Ben Pugh
David Johns
Howie Pether
Piero Giannone

League Two
Jon Rabbett
Matt Pluke
Tony Barabas
Vernon Reuter

League Three
Chris Young
Dougie McGee
Harrison Kemp
Martin Thackray

League Four
Alun Jones
Ben Sedgemore
Connor Redpath
Helen Kemp

League Five
Becca Pluke
Brendan Synge
Dean Neaves
Fraser Cook
Paul Smith

League Six
Chris Firth
Jon Coombe
Max Fenton-Stone
Michael Beardall

League Seven
Andrew Hawkins
Linda Dingle
Liz Miller
Lucy Godfrey


League One

Ben Sedgemore


David Johns

Ben Sedgemore

Howie Pether

Piero Giannone