FAST4 Leagues

To help encourage more inclusive fun events for all members, Hemingfords LTC  will be running a FAST4 tennis singles box league from the beginning of April. 

FAST4 tennis is an exciting shortened version of tennis, which was introduced by the LTA a couple of years ago

FAST4 Tennis provides a simple, exciting way of speeding up a conventional tennis match. The fundamentals of tennis remain the same, but there are four rules that ensure matches are fast, competitive, exciting and can be completed in a reasonable period of time.

  • Sets are played first to 4 games, tie break at 3-3, tie break to 5 points, sudden death at 4-4.
  • Best of 3 sets with match tie break to 10 for the 3rd set. Tie break sudden death at 9-9
  • Play on from net cord on serve (assuming its in!)
  • Sudden death at deuce - receiver chooses deuce or add court

Hemingford FAST4 tennis is open to Full Members; Ladies and Men, old and young (Year 7 and above). We'd really love to see players of all levels join in and play against other members of a similar standard. Its a great way to improve your game and is lots of FUN!

Each league will consist of 4 players, with matches played every month on a one up, one down basis.

New players will be able to join at the beginning of every month and will be allocated to a league based on their ability.

For more information contact Jon Rabbett